About us

We are Elly and Esther van Leenen (mother and daughter). We started our business ‘Pagode’ selling ethnic jewelry and textiles, Asian furniture and accessories in 1992. Since 2012 our shop is located in Zierikzee in The Netherlands. Zierikzee is an old small city in Zeeland with over 500 monumental buildings with many shops, galleries and restaurants. Its worth a visit!

We developed our passion for ethnic jewelry during our journeys in the Far East. We admire the materials and craftsmanship of these beautiful jewelry as well as the cultures they originated from.

Beside a collection of authentic ethnic jewelry we also offer a big collection of our own designed necklaces, bracelets and rings made from old and new natural materials like (ethnic) silver, (ethnic) beads, coral, gemstones as turquoise, agate etc. from India, China, Afghanistan, Thailand, Indonesia, Africa, Uzbekistan, Yemen and other countries.

We have hunderds of unique items in our shop in Zierikzee. At present we are building up our webshop and aim to add some products from our Zierikzee shop weekly. So please check the webshop frequently to see if there is anything new you may like.

With kind regards,

Esther and Elly

Our shop in Zierikzee

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